A Brief Introduction to the Discovery of Dental Implants and Its Benefits – Chester, VA

In the 1950s one of the most important procedure in dentistry has been invented – dental implants. Thanks to an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark who stumbled across this discovery while studying about the healing and regeneration of the bone. It was when a titanium cylinder placed on the femur of a rabbit appeared to have fused with the bone. Dr. Branemark referred to this implant and bone fusion as osseointegration.

Dr. Branemark being an orthopedic surgeon thought of other possible applications of his discovery, one was in the field of dentistry. It was in 1960 when a titanium implant was placed in the mouth of a human volunteer. For four decades, the patient who received the dental implant used it as anchors successfully for a lower denture. It only goes to show that dental implants have a high success rate even from the time it was newly introduced.

As the years went by, dental implants became one of the most in-demand procedures for the restoration of lost teeth. It became an ideal alternative to dentures since it promises to replace teeth with a more durable and stable appliance. At Chester Road Family Dental, we provide dental implants for we believe in the advantages it offers for effective teeth restorations. To make sure that it will be a success, we can secure the quality materials used as well as the expertise of the dentist for the procedure.

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Top Benefits of Dental Implants

  • As long as patients practice proper oral hygiene at home plus scheduling of regular dental visits, dental implants can last for a lifetime.
  • Saves the mouth from the bone loss which is usually caused by unattended gaps left by missing tooth.
  • Patients are assured that dental implants would not get cavities. Be reminded that proper care will keep the implants healthily intact on the jaws.
  • Partial or complete denture wearers can benefit from the procedure. They do not need to worry about any slipping appliance anymore for the implants can secure it in place.
  • Adjacent healthy structures do not need any preparation to serve as anchors for the placement of prostheses. Implants are surgically placed on the site of the lost tooth and not over any healthy teeth.
  • People with single, multiple, or entire missing teeth are good candidates of dental implants.
  • The appliance does not require any special creams or solutions. Patients are free to perform their regular hygiene routines to keep it clean like any natural teeth.


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