Custom vs. Store Bought Mouthguards — Which Ones Work Best?

Chester Road Family Dental logoDuring your son’s last baseball game, you saw one of his teammates take a ball right to the mouth. Accidents happen. This accident just happened to leave the young man with a concussion and a few broken teeth. His doctor told him that had he been wearing a mouthguard, he might have been able to prevent the concussion altogether.

But not all mouth guards are created equal! There are those you can buy at the store, and those we can make for you here in our Chester, VA dentist office. You should know what the difference is.

Store bought guards are made to protect your teeth from initial trauma to the teeth. If boiled in water, they can become semi-moldable to your mouth. Unfortunately, they still fit very loosely or feel too bulky to talk and drink with. Even if you do get knocked in the mouth, the guard can come right out and leave you susceptible to secondary trauma. That’s if you didn’t take it out altogether because of how uncomfortable it felt.

Custom fitted guards fit snuggly over your teeth, like a glove on your hand. We use a mold of your teeth to form the guard base over an exact replica of your mouth. That way the guard won’t slip out of place and will provide you with the best possible protection. The smooth contour makes it easier to hydrate during the game, or talk to your coach without having to take the guard out. It’s also the only guard that can protect you from a concussion (stock guards bought over the counter can’t.)

An athletic mouth guard is one of the best pieces of protective equipment you can wear. Call Chester Road Family Dental today to get yours,

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