What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Chester, VAOften, people have the idea that getting a root canal is the most painful thing you could ever experience. But that’s just one of many, untrue myths about root canals.

Before getting a root canal in Chester, VA, you should know what it will really feel like.

Not as “Painful” as You Think

The pain associated with root canals is due to the tooth being in pain before the procedure, not during. A tooth needing root canal therapy has a damaged, dying, or compromised nerve. This nerve has to come out, but until it’s gone it will continue to hurt.

During a root canal (as with any dental treatment) you will receive an application of numbing anesthetic. This makes it so that nothing in or around your tooth should hurt during the procedure.

What Will You Feel?

Not much at all! You may notice some pressure here and there, and a prop will be used to limit your jaw from getting tired. Other than that, the process won’t feel much different from getting a regular filling.

After Your Root Canal

There may be some discomfort. With the nerve gone, your tooth will no longer sense temperatures. But the tissues around your tooth root may be temporarily sore from the process.

To counter this, it’s ok to take an over-the-counter pain reliever. You can discuss the best medications with our Chester Road Family Dental dentist before having a root canal.

A root canal doesn’t sound like good news, but it’s actually nothing to fear. If anything, it may be your best solution to chronic dental pain. Learn more about the benefits of getting a root canal by scheduling a consultation with our Chester dentist.

Posted on behalf of Chester Road Family Dental