Got Dentures? Kick These Habits! – Chester, VA

People who have been wearing dentures for a long period now may not find it difficult to deal with the oral device anymore. The challenge probably goes to those who are new to dentures. The teeth replacement may cause the person to make a lot of adjustments during the first few weeks or months of wearing it. But should you bother? Definitely not! We at Chester Road Family Dental will give you some tips and tricks on how to make your journey with dentures more pleasant. Some of these hacks are actually about the habits that you need to kick as a denture-wearer.


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Bad Habits To Ditch

Nail Biting

People bite their nails for three reasons. It might be that they are stressed, tensed, or just bored. Onychophagia or nail biting is the first thing that you should stop doing to avoid damaging your dentures.

The use of toothpicks

Cleaning your denture is a must. But you need to remove the oral device first from your mouth before you deal with the food residues that are clinging in the prosthesis. Otherwise, you might accidentally harm the other structures in your mouth. Remember, dentures are artificial. They don’t have the same sensation with the real teeth. Do not use a toothpick when wearing the teeth replacement to avoid poking your soft tissues.

Chewing Gum

We get it: you chew gums to combat bad breath. But now that you have dentures in your mouth, it is best to get away from sticky foods like chewing gums. These treats can get stuck in the oral device and might be hard to remove.

Neglecting Oral Hygiene

Whether or not you have dentures, you should not delay your oral care routine. Your mouth is the foundation of your dental restoration. Take care of your gums, teeth, and other oral structures so they can support the teeth replacement well.


Need Dentures?

Dr. Benjamin Dunham and Dr. Elizabeth Dunham of Chester Road Family Dental are proud denture-providers in Chester, VA. If you are losing a tooth or two, avail of our partial dentures now! We can also provide a complete teeth restoration to those who are missing all of their pearly whites in an arch.


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