Interesting Facts You Need to Know about Dentures – Chester, VA

Patients have all kinds of ideas about Dentures; Some are true, some are not. Whatever it is, Dentures can be partial or full, but the purpose of having dentures do not vary. Whether it is complete or partial dentures, it helps in maintaining the remaining oral and facial structure intact while enhancing the appearance of the teeth, smile, and mouth. Chester Road Family Dental offers tooth Replacement options such as Dentures to replace the missing teeth and regain the beauty of the smile the patient once had.

Senior patient at the dentist

Fact 1: Dentures don’t need to look like “Dentures.”

No one wants other people to know they have false teeth. Unlike before, today’s dentures can be made to match the natural teeth. Dentures help in preventing the skin to sag and cause you a sunken look. It also provides you with a youthful smile and appearance.

Fact 2: Dentures improve the ability to speak

A properly fitted denture enhances the person’s ability to speak. It enhances the interactions between five components: tongue, teeth, lips, cheeks, and roof of the mouth. It also makes chewing and eating less difficult.

Fact 3: Modern Dentures are more durable but do not last forever

Dentures are still prone to breakage. As the mouth changes over time, dentures can lose their appearance and the efficiency to chew as well. Dentures need to be changed gradually to cope up with the changes happening in the mouth. Dentures can loosen over time due to the changes in the mouth’s soft tissues, and the color can also change because of the chemical reactions of mouth fluids, bad odor, stains and plaque deposits.

Fact 4: Dentures normalize eating

Chewing the food improves digestion and nutrition. Dentures that are properly fitted enables eating and biting on solid foods easier. Although not all denture wearers can eat everything, mostly have fewer restrictions when eating. Wearing dentures improves diet and lets patients eat well-balanced and nutritional foods without restrictions, leading to a healthier body and improved health.

Fact 5: Denture wearers still need to have professional dental visits

During regular dental visits, the dentist will likely check the dentures and have an oral cancer screening, check for gum disease, examine the gums and other oral structures.  

Dentures are teeth replacements; Just like the natural teeth, they have to be treated and taken care of regularly to maintain its appearance, function, and durability.

If you’re wearing dentures now and you’re not entirely comfortable with them, give us a call. We can discuss our Denture Services in Chester, VA so that your dentures become more comfortable and more useful. At Chester Road Family Dental, we make sure that our patients get the best possible solutions for their missing teeth.