The Advantages and Drawbacks of Laughing Gas – Chester, VA

Laughing gas, medically known as nitrous oxide, is a type of sedation that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed during their dental appointments. Aside from its uses in dentistry, it is also utilized in the field of medicine, food, and even automotive. Although it is popularly known as “laughing gas,” the term is quite inaccurate for it does not actually cause a person to laugh.

Laughing Gas

The use of nitrous oxide and other types of sedation in dentistry made it possible for everyone to get the oral health care services they need and deserve despite their initial concerns. It can be said that sedation changed the perspective of people with anxiety, fear, and other special conditions about dental services. Our dentists Dr. Benjamin Dunham and Dr. Elizabeth Dunham at Chester Road Family Dental encourage patients to consider the use of laughing gas for their next appointment to have a more pleasant experience. If patients are still hesitant about this method, keep reading below!

First things first, what exactly is Laughing gas?

It is a type of sedative which, as its name implies, is in the form of a gas. For its administration, dentists would make the patient wear a mask that fits over their nose. To offer both comfort and pain management during any dental procedures, the sedative can be combined with a local anesthetic. Using a needle would not bother the patient for they remain fully relaxed during the whole process.


Here are some of the reasons why people should take advantage of laughing gas for their next dental appointment:

Safe for anyone at any age

The good news is, even children can benefit from the ease and relaxation laughing gas provides. Dentists mix nitrous gas with a certain percentage of oxygen to make every dosage as safe as possible.

Fast and easy

As soon as laughing gas is delivered, patients can expect it to take effect after a few minutes. No need to use any complicated means for delivery because the mask is simply worn over the nose.

Wears off as quick

As soon as the patient inhales regular air, the effects of laughing gas fade as fast as it takes effect. It is actually even possible for patients to drive themselves home and continue with their activities for the day.


  • Some patient may find breathing through the mask uncomfortable, as a solution, the dentist may recommend a different method.
  • If the delivery of the nitrous oxide to a patient is not done correctly, there are possible adverse effects. Fortunately, this can be prevented if the dentist is qualified and experienced.
  • Not all people are good candidates for laughing gas like patients who are pregnant, those with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), people who have a methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency, and those who have a history of drug abuse.

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