The Don’ts of Invisalign Treatment in Chester, VA

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Everyone loves a great smile, that is why more and more people today are relying on orthodontics as a solution to straighten their teeth. One of the most advanced procedures that are popular to many young and adult patients is Invisalign. Indeed, the clear aligner is sure to put a smile on the faces of the wearers. But just like any other dental appliances, proper caring of the Invisalign can go a long way in maximizing its result.


Dr. Benjamin Dunham and Dr. Elizabeth Dunham of Chester Road Family Dental give you this list of things that you should not do to make Invisalign treatment a smooth experience!

Don’t stain your Invisalign

During your whole orthodontic treatment, a glass of plain water is your best friend. You are advised not to consume much of the colorful beverages while wearing the aligner to avoid it from getting stained. However, if you happen to drink such, swish your mouth with water or alcohol-free mouthwash to remove unnecessary pigments before putting it back in.

Don’t eat with the aligners on

It might be interesting to munch foods with the Invisalign on; however, if you don’t want to cause your aligner to crack, avoid wearing them while eating. The materials used in Invisalign is highly durable, nevertheless, like any other dental appliance, it is still subject to breakage when not properly handled.

Don’t neglect proper oral hygiene

With or without the dental appliance, practicing good oral hygiene at all times is a non-negotiable task. Just like your mouth, the clear aligner can be a home for bacterias if not given the right care. Before putting the Invisalign back in your mouth after eating, make sure that you completely brush and floss your teeth. In some cases, it might be impossible to grab a toothbrush and toothpaste, especially if you are at the office or on a flight. When placed in this type of situations, you should know how to take action. Although mouth rinsing is not a substitute to brushing or flossing, at least you can somehow eliminate those food particles by doing so.

The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for Invisalign Treatment in Chester, VA, contact us at Chester Road Family Dental and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.