Toothpaste Confusion

Chester VA Cosmetic Dental TreatmentsThe last time you bought toothpaste, you stood in the aisle of the grocery store for 15 minutes, just looking at the varieties available.

“Whitening toothpaste,” you thought.  “That’s the kind I need.” But the thought of paying $15-$25 for a tube of toothpaste makes you feel a little ill. So you moved on to look at whitening strips and trays and ended up purchasing the grocery store brand that was on sale. “Can’t hurt, might help,” you think.

So you used your trays and you think you see a difference. At the very least you feel like your teeth are a little whiter, brighter, and cleaner looking. But after a couple weeks, they just look the same as ever.

Have you wondered if there’s a better way to get a brilliantly white smile?

Different Causes, Different Solutions

At Chester Road Family Dental, we take a unique approach to whitening teeth. There are different reasons for tooth discoloration.

If you drink lots of coffee, tea, red wine, or soda, you probably have some yellowing to your teeth. This is a surface discoloration and is easily lifted with the proper whitening agent.

But greying or browning could be from a dental injury, decay, age, or even from too much fluoride exposure.  The difference in cause means there needs to be a difference in treatment.  Our dentists take that into consideration while planning  any type of whitening or cosmetic dental options.

When you’re ready to get a brilliant smile, call our Chester, Virginia office for a cosmetic dental consultation. Not only will you get the right whitening treatment, you’ll also start down the road toward a more beautiful, more confident smile!

Posted on behalf of Chester Road Family Dental