Will a Crown on Your Front Tooth Affect Your Bite?

Chester VA  Dental Crown TreatmentFolks in Chester, VA want to have beautiful and strong smiles and you’re no exception.

But you may worry about how it feels to have a crown on your front tooth. Here’s what you need to know.

If you have a front tooth that is:

  • Chipped
  • Decayed
  • Deeply stained
  • Smaller than the others

then you may need a crown to harmonize it with the rest of your smile.

How it Feels to Bite with a Crowned Front Tooth

Newly crowned teeth are often sensitive for the first few days. As your tooth adjusts to its new covering, however, you’ll also adjust as well. Within a week or two of getting your crown, you’ll start forgetting it’s even there.

Biting on your crown should be no different from biting on any other tooth. It should be just as strong. But, avoid using it for the first couple days of getting your cap. It can take time for the cement bond to fully seal.

You will want to be cautious about biting into hard food items. You shouldn’t even use uncrowned natural teeth as tools. Just use common sense and your teeth will be fine.

Help Your Crown Last

You can ensure your dental crown stays securely on your front tooth for years by:

  • Brushing and flossing it daily
  • Avoiding habits like ice chewing and teeth grinding
  • Visiting Chester Road Family Dental to check up on your crown

While no restoration is guaranteed to last forever, you should be able to hold onto your crown for years as long as you take good care of it.

To get answers to your questions about dental crowns, visit our team.

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