Will It Hurt if I Get a Crown?

Dental Crown in Chester VALike a lot of patients, you may only have a few options right now: chance a large filling, extract the tooth, or get a crown.

If you opt to get a cap on the tooth, will it hurt? Not as much as you’re afraid it will!

Why Crowns Get a Bad Rap
Dental crowns are often needed to cover a tooth that’s just had a root canal. Root canals are notorious for supposedly causing a lot of pain, even though they actually don’t (it’s the infection that hurts.)

But did you know that you may need a cap for another reason?

A crown is often the perfect solution for patching up a tooth with:

  • Fractures
  • Deep decay
  • Lots of old filling material

Getting a crown is not the scary process it might seem like.

How It Feels to Get a Crown
For the most part, you won’t feel a thing. A little local anesthetic is all it takes to comfortably sit through your dental treatment. It doesn’t feel much different from getting a regular filling.
Our dentist carefully trims away the outer layer of enamel to shape your tooth. Then, he creates a mold of it from which to design the crown. Later, the new crown is seated snugly over your tooth.
You may notice a bit of sensitivity as you get used to your crown, but it should soon go away.

A Crown Can Spare You Tooth Pain!
You’d be glad you got a crown! Dental “caps” help protect your tooth so that you can use it longer. Don’t risk any more tooth pain – contact Chester Road Family Dental today to learn more about treatment options that are available.

Posted on behalf of Chester Road Family Dental